Conference schedule

09,00-09,30 Registration of participants

09,30-11,00 Plenary session I. Official opening. Presentation of Mircea Viorel NICOLESCU Emeritus Professor PhD

Paper presentation and discussion - articles dedicated (Sections Congress)

Viorel NICOLESCU - John Dewey. Landmarks in the Romanian Culture 09,30-09,45
Steliana LEFTER, Viorel NICOLESCU - Hegelian Triad as Method to Solve Problems in John Dewey’s Work 09,45-10,00
Gabriel ALBU  - Self-education and self-evaluation 10,00-10,15
Izabela BĂRBIERU - Key concepts in the pedagogy of John Dewey 10,15-10,30
Norica Felicia BUCUR, Oana Rica POPA - Dewey’s View on Curriculum vs. the Romanian National Curriculum 10,30-10,45
Gabriela CRISTEA - John Dewey - precursor of the curriculum theory 10,45-11,00
Coffee break 11,00-11,30
Mihai DIACONU - John Dewey - creativity's pedagogy precursor 11,30-11,45
Marin DRĂMNESCU, Filip STANCIU, Melania MACOVEI - Teaching reflection and metacognition. Revisiting Dewey’s concept of reflective thinking form a teachers’ training perspective 11,45-12,00
Roxana ENACHE, Alina CRIȘAN - Pragmatism and curriculum 12,00-12,15
Elena Oliviana EPURESCU - Pragmatist pedagogy and a single name: John Dewey 12,15-12,30
Mariana Mirela ILIE, Anamaria PAVEL - John Dewey’s Philosophical Ideas of Education in Today’s ICT for Secondary Curriculum Programs 12,30-12,45
Ion NEGREŢ-DOBRIDOR - Paedagogia Aeterna or The Rise, Decline, Death and Resurrection of John Dewey 12,45-13,00
Lunch 13,00-14,00
Ana–Maria Aurelia PETRESCU, Luminiţa Mihaela DRĂGHICESCU - John Dewey's contributions in the field of sociology of education 14,00-14,15
Cătălina ULRICH - John Dewey and the project-based learning: landmarks for nowadays Romanian education 14,15-14,30
Cristian VASILE - Dewey and Vygotsky on social cognition and consciousness 14,30-14,45
Cristian VASILE - Experience and experiential learning in the modern context 14,45-15,00
Magdalena ALBULESCU  - Dewey’s Pedagogical Landmarks in the Formation of Democratic Behavior 14,30-14,45
Nicoleta LIȚOIU  -  The concept of freedom in education – reflections on the context of “the century of the child” 14,45-15,00
Coffee break 15,00-15,15
Venera-Mihaela COJOCARIU - On an axiological model of education based on  J. Dewey’s view 15,15-15,30
Roxana ENACHE, Alina CRIȘAN - Ethical and axiological issues - in the works of John Dewey's and in Romanian educational practice 15,30-15,45
Section IV: VARIA (sala VIP)
Carmen BAL, Carmen Ioana JUHOS - Critical thinking in the technical disciplines 11,30-11,45
Magdalena BALICA  - Well Balanced Pedagogy: Empowering Non-cognitive Skills in Pre-service and In-Service Teacher Education 11,45-12,00
Valentin Cosmin BLÂNDUL  - Some general aspects regarding the methodology of non-formal education 12,00-12,15
Teodora Maria CHICIOREANU, Maria GHEORGHE - Ethical and Legal in Scientific Research 12,15-12,30
Aurora Adina COLOMEISKI - Resilience in children: personality traits as internal predictors 12,30-12,45
Daniela CREȚU  - Using the school experience of undergraduates in their pedagogic training 12,45-13,00
Lunch 13,00-14,00
Carmen Sonia DUȘE - What values do future engineers take with them into their professional life? 14,00-14,15
Cristina FENIȘER - Methodological strategies, collaborative learning and ICT:  are these applicable tools for higher education in Romania? 14,15-14,30
Cristina FENIȘER, Evencio Souto RODRIGUEZ - Innovation strategies in higher education: the case of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 14,30-14,45
Irina HORGA, Otilia APOSTU  - Equity - between statement and reality in higher education 14,45-15,00
Coffee break 15,00-15,15
Adriana NICU - Particularities of Axiology in Preschool Education 15,15-15,30
Gabriela Carmen OPROIU - Interdisciplinarity – a modern approach on the learning process 15,30-15,45
Lorena PECULEA, Mușata BOCOȘ - Formative approaches for socio-emotional development of preschoolers 15,45-16,00
Cristian PETRE, Laura SIMION  - The teacher's freedoms 16,15-16,30
Corina Marilena PIRSEAN, Alina Mirela TROFIN, Simona MARICA - School Inclusion of Children with ASD and ADHD 16,30-16,45
Camelia STĂICULESCU, Maria Liana LĂCĂTUȘ - Gender – a source of inequality in the scientific research 16,45-17,00
Adela Mihaela ȚĂRANU - The new generation of students and their visibility in school 17,00-17,15



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