Conference Fee


The fee will be

  • 150 Lei for AAP’s founding members,
  • 200 Lei for AAP members,
  • 60 Euro for BASOPED members,
  • 80 Euro for Romanian and foreign participants.

The fee will include publication of an article as first author, and for the second article as first author a fee of 45 Lei or 10 euros will be paid additionally. All authors attending the conference will pay the fee. Each author / coauthor will pay the participation fee. It will be accepted a maximum of 2 articles by author / coauthor.

The participation fee will be transferred in the following account up to 30th of July 2016 mentioning “for the International Congress John Dewey”:

Name: Asociația Academia Pedagogilor

Bank: BCR

Ron: RO25RNCB0081148700140001


All payments must be validate through conference email.

Please email the proof of payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.