The XIXth Congress of the AMSE-AMCE-WEAR 
4 – 7 June 2018 
Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania
Dragi colegi,
va trimit mai jos invitatia la conferinta AMSE (Asociatia MOndiala a Stiintelor Educatiei) ce va fi organizata la Universitatea Stefan cel Mare
din Suceava. Inscrierea se poate face direct pe site-ul conferintei
Am fi onorati de participarea dumneavoastra!
Dear Coleagues,
The political ideal of social equality, a tenet of the democratic world after the French Revolution, remains a desideratum, despite significant steps taken so far in order to enforce this doctrine. Social stratificationis still a constant feature of our world, and the equal rights are not always mirrored by an equality of opportunity or universal access to goods. Currently, in an international context characterised by profound political economic and social modifications we are witnessing an
increase in inequality in the field of education, despite a fair number of projects meant to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education. In the face of these major challenges, the authorities should aim at quality education by proposing education practices adequate to the multifaceted reality (school, family, cultural background, etc). It is obvious that equal access to quality education, which implies developing one’s personality according to one’s innate predispositions, can significantly counteract inequality at different levels (economic, social etc.).
The overall theme of the AMSE-AMCE-WAER congress held in Suceava in 2018 is the inequality in education. The congress will be organised around specific
topics of interest meant to identify the causes and conditions of this social phenomenon, on the one hand, and find solutions of reducing inequality, on the other hand. It is thus incumbant on education experts both to explain these aspects with the aid of interdisciplinary approaches and to develop tools to fight against the growing inequality. Another research question concerns the roles under taken by several actors (the state, educational institutions, associations), impacting the educational field through their stance on inequalities, either validating or combatting them through their public policies and official documents. Last but not
least, the practices adopted in schools and the results obtained by teachers in their endeavour to eliminate inequalities will make the object of a fruitful exchange of experience at the XIXth AMSE-AMCE-WAER Congress.
Our university hosting this congress is not a fortuitous event, for teacher training and research in the educational field have always been one of the
major preoccupations of our academics. Through the partnership concluded with AMSE-AMCE-WAER, USV contributes to the international dissemination of
innovative and applied research. We trust that by attending our congress, all the participants will benefit from a valuable experience, having the
opportunity to interact with specialists in the field of education from all over the world: Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, other European
countries and other continents. We also trust that our programme of cultural visits will help the attendees to get acquainted and appreciate
our local culture.
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